STALKER – Shadow of Chernobyl – Lurk


It ought to be said that S.T.A.L.K.E.R. ought to be beaten something like once prior to introducing LURK, except if you are in-your-face. Remember to apply the 1.005 fix as well.


S.T.A.L.K.E.R. – Shadow of Chernobyl or all the more regularly known as Stalker – SoC, is a game created and delivered by GSC Game World, a group of russian game engineers. It is a blend of FPS, awfulness and a slight bit of RPG, like inventories and journeys.


The game is set in Chernobyl, anno 2012, inside an imaginary region known as “The Zone”. The Zone is an exceptionally illuminated land, where various groups wander, looking for gold and notoriety.


Among the various groups are the STALKERs, the Military, the Mercs and the Duty.


You play as “The Marked One”, a STALKER found by a scout, with a mission to kill Strelok. The scout conveys you to a shipper, who ordinarily indoctrinates STALKERs, so he can get new Rookies. Notwithstanding, he has various plans with you. You travel around the whole zone, attempting to find Strelok, and you will experience numerous NPCs, which you will either become a close acquaintence with or make your adversaries. For example, on the off chance that you run over an injured STALKER, you can offer him your medkit to make him your actual 38 super ammo for sale

Your primary type of revenue will, obviously, be through the journeys that are thronw across The Zone. Notwithstanding, you can likewise acquire a considerable amount by searching weapons having a place with fallen enemies or companions, observing ammunition in boxes or searching for curios made in The Zone.


These antiques can be put on your belt to accomplish various impacts, for example, eliminate radiation, increment wellbeing or make you more impervious to various kinds of assaults.


The LURK mod, created by the inspiring local area known as/v/of 4chan, sets the game on a completely unique expectation to learn and adapt. It puts more weight on secrecy, and direct battle ought to be stayed away from no matter what, as it additionally empowers loss of blood in-game. It add various things to the game, like better illustrations, new weapons and new beasts, one of these being the Bloodsucker.

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